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Mityana Projects Trust is based in North West Hampshire about 12 miles north of Winchester. Our link began through and continues to be supported by the Whitchurch Deanery in the Church of England diocese of Winchester. All our primary schools are linked with schools in Uganda, and over 50 people from our villages and communities in the Deanery have visited Mityana. Our charitable status came through at the end of 2011 when we realised that for tax relief on donations including gift aid, for better financial accountability and to make the point of our ongoing commitment we’d be crazy not to.

Makonzi goat project beneficiaries

Nine women have been selected for our latest income generating project. You can see those chosen together with their goats in our latest blog post

Plans for a new clinic at Buguluma

Following the success of the clinic at Butologoo, we have decided to support the creation of a new clinic at Buguluma. You can see a report of the latest community meeting and the exciting plans for the clinic here.

Butoloogo Clinic fund raider update

The team at Elysian IT managed to raise over £1,700 to help equip the clinic at Butologoo. You can see more details here.

Makonzi 2021 Teachers Accommodation refurbishment

A few pictures showing progress of the refurbishment of the teachers’ accommodation at Makonzi. You can see full details at http://mityana-projects-trust.co.uk/makonzi-2021-teachers-accommodation-refurbishment/

Butoloogo clinic – maternity equipment fund raiser

Following the birth of 10 babies in its first year of operation at Butoloogo clinic, software services company Elysian IT is arranging a company event in order to raise money to help purchase additional equipment. You can see full details and donate at http://mityana-projects-trust.co.uk/butoloogo-clinic-maternity-equipment-fund-raiser

Busunju trees

Mityana Projects Trust has been helping with the long term development of the diocese by providing financial support for the planting of trees. You can see full details at http://mityana-projects-trust.co.uk/busunju-trees/.

Kalembe on tap

Latest images from our second reservoir, operating at Kalembe – now supporting a local community of some 3,000 people. You can see full details at http://mityana-projects-trust.co.uk/kalembe-tap/.

Refurbishing latrines

Pictures from refurbishing and repainting latrines at three link schools. You can see full details at http://mityana-projects-trust.co.uk/refurbishing-latrines/.

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